I was born speaking, not crying like most babies. Ask my mom, she likes to tell that story. What I used to get in trouble for, during class, I now have hundreds of people, weekly, show up to hear my critical commentary every time I #PushTheLiveButton. To top that off, they ask me how they can do the same.

Showing up right out of bed, in the produce aisle, on the #DigitalCouch or during #CarpoolKaroke is easy for me and nail biting for others. Here, I offer fruitful social media seeds for you to plant in your own digital garden.

If you’d like to encourage my digital content creation, I will happily accept the “two cups of tea” which will keep me alert and focused!

Doriel, @LearnToGrowU

Host of the #DigitalCouch

Director and WingWoman at the LiveStreamLab

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